New Technologies from CADPXS

December 21, 2020

CADPXS never seem to stop at nothing to satisfy their customers. From producing energy-efficient equipment to technological advancement. This time around, CADPXS features new technology that will leave you satisfied.

The technologies include:

· LGR Microchannel technology

· An intelligent moisture control system

1. LGR microchannel technology

Almost all products from CADPXS are more efficient and feature enhanced performance compared to other brands. The LGR Microchannel technology, in particular, utilizes a unique heat exchanger structure, which brings the temperature of the air almost to the dew point. The air then passes over the ultra-cooled coils. With this technology, the efficiency of the dehumidifier gets even better. Using the microchannel condenser improves the 30% heat exchanger area, 50% condenser dispersion effect, and 50% refrigerant quantity. To ensure that the dehumidifiers perform better, the LGR may be increased to cause more condensate to form on the coils. The heat interchange rate increases, and thus, more moisture is eliminated from the air. The now less humid air is pumped into the room. The LGR MAX dehumidifier has a closed-loop structure that enables the transfer of latent heat away from the indoor air. This also causes energy to be dissipated by the refrigerant; hence the internal pressure is lowered.

2. The intelligent Moisture control system

With the advent of new intelligent moisture control technology, humidity control has never been any better. Both dehumidifier and humidifiers utilize the technology to help you achieve optimal moisture levels in buildings. With CADPXS intelligent moisture control systems, there will be nothing to worry you.   

During summer seasons, humidity levels in the air tend to be higher than usual. Higher levels might expose your furniture and belongings to a risk of mold infestation or rot. Using dehumidifiers can help save your items from getting damaged or destroyed by moisture. It goes a long way to help maintain the comfort of your home.

During winter, the temperatures are low; hence humidity levels in the air also drop. The air gets to dry, may make the house uncomfortable. Using humidifiers will help in restoring the correct moisture level in the home. Also, it plays a role in eliminating unwanted static electricity.


When temperatures are high, the air tends to hold more moisture; thus, the humidity levels rise. Excess humidity causes mildew and mold buildup. Also, certain places tend to have stuffy odors. Whole-house dehumidifiers eliminate the excess moisture in the air, thus saves your home. They double up as air purifiers because the humidity levels in which mold and viruses thrive are reduced.

For CADPXS dehumidifiers to accomplish their moisture control functions, they feature the following components.

Fan Compressor – It causes humid air to be drawn into the appliance.

Cooling Coils – their main work is to cool drawn humid air. It causes moisture to condense, thus removing water from the air.

Re-heater – warms the super-cooled dehumidified air before releasing it into the house

CADPXS dehumidifiers are equipped with:

Humidistat – Its function is to detect the relative humidity level in the house.

 Condensate Pump – It pumps water from the dehumidifier to the drain.

Note that CADPX has a range of dehumidifiers to choose from. They include the LGR MAX, LGR PRO and LGR PLUS. These sets of dehumidifiers can eliminate between 55- 180 pints of water per day.

All the dehumidifiers feature epoxy-coated coils and come with a five-year warranty.